Dog Food Basics: Dry Vs. Wet, Diet and Natural Foods

dog food

You will find a wide range of dog food products on the market today. This can make it quite confusing for first-time dog owners looking for the best diet for their pets. In addition to the variety of ingredients and brands available, a pet owner will need to choose between dry and wet dog food. This can be pretty overwhelming.

Talk to Your Veterinarian

Therefore, you should consider consulting a veterinarian for specific recommendations on the most appropriate foods for your pup. A nutritious and balanced diet is essential when it comes to keeping your dog healthy and happy. That is the least your pet deserves. After all, as most people believe, dogs are man’s best friend.

Difference Between Dry and Wet Dog Food

Good nutrition is essential for your dog. That said, there is no specific formula for how often you need to feed your mutt, either dry or wet food. This is because every dog is different, especially when you consider its lifestyle. Both of these types of food provide vital nutritional benefits. However, you need to understand that the processing methods differ.

Wet Dog Food

The method of processing wet dog food starts with grinding meat ingredients or other protein sources. It then adds a gravy containing grains, vitamins, and other minerals. Afterward, they cook and sterilize it to produce the canned food product.

Wet dog food, therefore, contains a relatively higher moisture content when compared to dry dog food. Wet dog food, for example, might hold about 78 percent moisture, while dry dog food might have something like 10 percent moisture.

Dry Dog Food

Many dog owners do not realize that both wet dog food and dry dog food contain very similar ingredients. Instead of adding gravy and canning to the product, however, makers of dry dog food pulverize the meat mixture to create a consistent dough that they cook.

Once cooked or heated, the dough will course through specially-shaped holes to form dog kibble, which then undergoes a drying process. They then spray it with vitamins, oils, fats, and other minerals before packaging it. Some of the dry dog foods on the market have live probiotics to help with immune and digestive health.

Natural Foods for Dogs

There are probably thousands of different brands of dog food and numerous types of ingredients within each brand. Researching sources and components can be time-consuming and confusing. However, in the same way, you look for natural ingredients in the food you serve your family, you should also look for natural ingredients in the dog food you purchase.

Generally, natural food refers to diet products that come directly from nature. They should not contain any form of processing or added chemicals. The meaning of natural foods, however, can vary significantly from one person to another. Your veterinarian will give you good recommendations for natural dog food for your four-legged friend.

Mixing dry and wet dog food is another great option if you are looking to offer your pet the best diet. Essentially, you will be giving your dog the best of both worlds. The most important thing you need to do is provide the right daily feeding amount to avoid overfeeding.

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