Summer Travel Tips When Traveling With Your Pet

traveling with pet

Are you planning to have one last hurrah this summer by taking a trip before it is back to business as usual? If you are, you might want to bring your furry friend on the trip with you. Your four-legged friend, after all, is part of your family.

If you are planning to travel with your pet, you need to choose what is most comfortable and safe for your pet. Whether you are moving across the world or the country, traveling with your pet this summer requires some careful consideration. It can be especially tricky and frustrating when you are up against packed airports, busier roads, and warmer temperatures.

Taking your pet along when you travel involves making more plans. However, it is worth the effort when you consider the bonding opportunities. To make your planning easier, consider the following travel tips:

Check With Your Veterinarian

If your pet has a health issue or had one in the past, he or she may not be a good candidate for travel. In this case, taking him or her to a pet boarding facility may be the best option. Even if your animal friend is healthy, he or she may require certain items before taking a road trip or flying. Your pet may also need extra health certificates or vaccines to travel, depending on your destination. Your veterinarian will recommend any additional steps you need to make.

Keep Your Pet Comfortable

You might want to bring several of your pet’s favorite toys along for the ride. Such things will surround him or her with familiar smells and make anywhere feel like home. If it is the first road trip for your pet, you should try some pre-travel training by taking him or her on frequent car rides. This will familiarize your furry friend with riding along so he or she will be more comfortable when it comes to a long trip.

Pack Lots of Water and Food for the Trip

Supply and grocery stores along your route may not stock your pet’s favorite foods. Therefore, you should pack enough food and water for your pet to last the length of your trip. Do not forget to pack food and water bowls for serving your pet on the road.

Find Pet-Friendly Stops

If you are planning to take a long trip, you will require frequent stops. You should remember that your pet needs rest stops as well. Find pit stops with a grassy area for your animal pal to take care of business and expel some energy. To keep him or her from roaming freely, ensure to keep him or her on a leash. If you will be stopping anywhere overnight, call ahead to ensure your accommodation is pet-friendly.

Make Time for Potty and Play

One thing that makes road trips exciting is the interesting stops along the way. When traveling with your pet, you should stop every two or three hours to give him or her the chance to walk and stretch. You should also take a few minutes to incorporate running, play, and training. This will make the trip fun and interesting for your pet.

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