Top Grooming Tips to Keep Your Dog Healthy During the Cold, Wet Months

beagle running with toy on his mouth

It’s easy to think that grooming your pet is not very necessary during winter. Your dog is kept inside your home anyway. So, they stay clean and won’t need much hygienic care. Regular grooming will just probably make them feel chilly and uncomfortable. But these are huge misconceptions. As a matter of fact, grooming your dog during this time might even be more crucial than other months throughout the year. You have to understand that the longer and fluffier your dog’s coat gets, the more likely their coat will tangle and mat, causing skin problems. To avoid these, here are the top grooming tips to keep your dog healthy during the cold, wet months of the year:

  1. Brushing and Combing. These are the most basic and essential pet grooming procedures at any time of the year. Brush your dog’s coat at least once a day with a slick, high-quality brush. This way, you can get rid of sheds, detangle knots, and prevent matting. Comb Fido’s coat after brushing to ensure you haven’t missed any forming tangles. Do these before your pet’s bath time as tangles and mats can worsen when they get wet.

  2. Bathing. When and how frequently you should wash your dog during cold weather can be somewhat confusing. Whether it’s once a week, month, or every few months, it’s best to stick to your pet’s regular bath time schedule. You don’t like their grimy paws, but you’re concerned that a winter bath will not be suitable for Fido. Rest assured that you can and should bathe your dog even during the cold, wet months of the year just as often as you do during summer. You need to use a high-quality dog shampoo and ensure that your pet stays warm during and after washing. Keep your home warm during bath time, and make sure that you wash him in water that’s not too hot or cold. Also, see to it that your dog is thoroughly dry before they head back outside.

  3. Paw Care. After bath time, you should check your dog’s paws. Most dogs tend to grow hair in between their footpads. Cut long hair in these areas as it can increase the risk of your pet slipping on ice and wet surfaces. Don’t forget to clip those nails too. Like your dog’s skin, their paws can also become dry during winter. Severe cases can result in cracks and infection. Apply a moisturizing wax balm on their paw pads to keep their palms from cracking. Another easy way is to keep a dry towel at the front door. So, you can wipe your pet’s paws after each outing.

  4. Coat-Trimming. Many owners want to keep their dog’s hair untrimmed throughout the season. It’s okay to keep your pet’s coat an inch longer. But a regular haircut is still necessary, especially during winter. Are you worried that your beloved companion will be too cold when they venture outside? Why don’t you buy a winter coat, jacket, or sweater for their short trips outdoors? Skipping your dog’s clipping schedule until springtime will only increase the risk of those knots and mats forming. Besides, a trimmed coat will limit the amount of snow that will cling to your dog’s hair when they go out for a short walk.

Grooming your dog doesn’t stop in winter. Find out how you can better keep your furbaby stay clean and healthy this season with our experts in Bridge Park Animal Hospital. Contact our office in Johns Creek, Georgia, today.