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pet grooming

Grooming is an aspect of pet care that often gets overlooked in favor of more obvious needs, such as food, vaccinations and exercise requirements. Nevertheless, grooming remains a vitally important element of looking after our animals and much more than the frivolous, cosmetic endeavor that many people mistake it for. In fact, studies have found that there is a direct link between certain health problems and a lack of proper grooming.

Here at Bridge Park Animal Hospital, we are just as committed to the health and wellbeing of your pet as you are. We understand the importance of grooming and know that many owners prefer to leave this task in the hands of professionals. Our comprehensive pet grooming services will ensure that your pet will feel as great on the inside as she looks on the outside.

Our Grooming Services

We are delighted to be able to offer a variety of different grooming services. These are available individually or they can be combined into packages depending on the requirements of your pet. Our friendly and passionate staff have extensive experience in handling all-breed, size, and age of the pet, enabling us to ensure that your fur baby gets the best care possible at every stage of her appointment.

Our comprehensive pet grooming services include the following:


While some dogs like water, others absolutely hate it. Bath time isn’t a popular option with cats either. Nevertheless, occasional bathing is necessary to ensure that your pet is clean. Bathing helps to remove dirt and debris from her skin, coat and paw pads, and we can bath your pet using medicated shampoos if they are required.


Ideally, dog owners should brush their canine pal on a daily basis. This helps to remove dirt, debris and dead hairs from their coat – all of which can retain heat and bacteria, which has the potential to make your pet sick. Lack of brushing can also lead to the formation of hairballs since your pet will feel the need to excessively grooming herself. Hairballs aren’t only unpleasant; they can also cause serious problems for your furbaby. Our team has access to the best brushes in the business and have the skill needed to perform a superior level of brushing.

Ears and Eyes

Your pet’s ears and eyes are fairly delicate, and for this reason, many owners prefer to leave their grooming requirements to experienced experts. We will not only clean your pet’s ears carefully and safely, but we will also be able to check for the presence of any infections, parasites or other problems that may need medical attention. Excess hair around the eyes is a common problem amongst longer-haired breeds of animals. We incorporate trimming this hair into our service, to ensure that your pet’s eyes are left clear and free from irritation.

Coat Clipping

Just like us, sometimes our pets need a little hair cut in order to keep them looking tidy. This is especially the case for longer-haired varieties of animals, and particularly during the winter when long, shaggy coats can drag along the ground and catch on frost and ice, putting your pet at risk of frostbite and other complications. We understand the importance of controlling coat length and can carry out clipping that keeps your pet’s breed identity while ensuring that he looks and feels fantastic.

Nail Trimming

Easily one of the most hated parts of grooming for owners, nail trimming is an essential task. Whilst her nails may naturally erode a little with walking and playing, they must be kept under control to prevent them from affecting her walking, causing her pain and becoming ingrown or infected. Shorter nails will also prevent accidental scratches and snags on furniture and people!

If you would like to learn more about our pet grooming service, please get in touch with Bridge Park Animal Hospital in Johns Creek, GA where our friendly and reassuring pet experts will be happy to help (770) 651-0710.