Bridge Park Animal Hospital’s Covid-19 Update

Thank you to all of our wonderful clients who have been patient and understanding as we alter our practice protocols to better protect our team, clients, and most importantly—our patients. We are taking this pandemic one day at a time, but want to keep everyone informed on the most recent updates with our practice.

As of April 1, 2020 Bridge Park will be conducting curbside protocol ONLY for each and every patient. We will no longer accept clients inside of the hospital, nor physical documents, personal belongings (I.e. leashes, collars, clothing), or any item that must be transferred from each other’s hands.

With this being said, we will remain open and fully operational. Please call us upon your arrival and a member of our team will come to your vehicle to retrieve your pet. Please remove all collars, leads, and articles of clothing from your pet before he/she leaves the vehicle. We will either send an electronic invoice to your email in which you may pay via your cellphone, OR you may call our customer service representatives and pay over the phone. Once your appointment has been completed, a member of the team will bring your pet back to your car. If your appointment requires signed documents, BPAH will email the necessary documents to you the night before. All documents must be signed and returned prior to your appointment. We will not accept any documents from outside the practice. If your appointment requires a medical or vaccine history to update your pet’s records, please have them faxed or emailed to

Thank you, again, for everyone’s cooperation during this time as we alter our daily protocols to continue making a change in the community of Johns Creek. Stay safe, BPAH family.

​​​​​​​-Your Team at Bridge Park