How/What To Prepare Before Boarding Your Pet

happy dog lying down

While our pets are an important part of our family and live with us all year round, there are circumstances that can arise whereby it is simply not possible for our animals to either stay with us, such as if we become temporarily unwell, or accompany us should we need to go away, for example on a business trip or vacation.

In these instances, many responsible owners turn to professional boarding facilities to provide the best possible care and attention for their beloved animal in their absence. This is because most boarding services not only have extensive experience in basic care for pets, but also the medical expertise and skill to administer medications or deal with a medical problem should one arise. Many animals thoroughly enjoy their own little vacation to a boarding facility as it also gives them a chance to socialize with other animals.

However, before you book your pet in for boarding, there are certain things that you will need to do to prepare her.

Ensure her vaccinations are up to date

One of the most important things to do is to ensure that she is up to date with all of her necessary vaccinations. Most professional boarding services will ask to see proof before they allow your pet to be admitted so it is worth checking with your chosen facility what their requirements are well ahead of time. Vaccinations are important as they help to keep all animals staying at the premises safe from infectious diseases.

Ask about what food they can provide

You should never change an animal’s diet suddenly as this can cause her to experience digestive problems. However, it is not trying to switch your pet onto something new for just a week or two. Therefore, see if your chosen boarding service can provide the same food for your furbaby, or if you can bring it with you for them to serve. Don’t forget, if your pet has to follow a special diet, you will need to provide details.

Get your paperwork filled in in advance

Dropping your beloved animal at boarding can be an emotional time, so it is helpful to complete as much of the paperwork as you can in advance so that you can focus your energies on settling your pet. Make sure you provide accurate contact information so that you can be reached if any questions or concerns arise, and who the facility can contact in case of emergency. You will probably be asked for details of your current veterinarian as well as any medications that your pet is taking, and it is essential to get the information you provide about these accurate so that your animal can be properly cared for.

Sort out anything she might need

As well as packing a few familiar items like her favorite toys or blanket, you will also need to prepare any medications that she might need to take. You may have included information about these on her admission forms, but it can be helpful to also provide dosage instructions alongside the medications and place them into a clear, plastic bag or tub.

The day of dropping your pet off at boarding

Your pet can pick up on your emotional climate, so it is important to remain as calm and happy as possible when dropping your furbaby off at boarding. Try not to make a huge fuss, and instead treat the entire occasion as casually as you would if you were popping out for a few hours. This should help your pet feel more relaxed about the whole event.

If you would like further advice on boarding your pet, our friendly and knowledgeable team would be happy to help. Please do not hesitate to contact our offices by phone, email or in person.