Importance of Vaccinating Your Pets

People love their animals. Whether a horse, rabbit, dog, cat or something else, responsible pet owners do an amazing job of providing everything needed. That includes having the pets seen by a fantastic vet.

Regardless of the type of animal, when properly cared for, they provide unconditional love. Pets make people laugh, they’re compassionate, and some offer excellent protection. Life without them would be boring.

The proper care of an animal goes beyond providing them with shelter, food, and water. It also means having them vaccinated. The following are a few of the benefits of keeping your pet up to date on vaccinations.

Prevention From Diseases

Unless vaccinated, animals can get sick. Here’s a perfect example. If you have an outdoor cat, a veterinarian would recommend the FeLV vaccination, otherwise known as the Feline Leukemia vaccine. Without it, if your kitty got into a fight with an infected animal, it could become seriously ill.

Saving Lives

Without vaccinations, your pet could develop a life-threatening illness. With little to no immunity, there’s a good chance the animal wouldn’t make it. Simply put, vaccinations save lives.

Protecting Others

Not only do vaccinations protect pets but also other animals. Let’s say you have 10 sheep. If they’re not vaccinated and one becomes sick, you could easily lose all of them rather than just the one.

Vaccinating your pet also protects people. For instance, you might have an extremely well-behaved dog, but if you also have small children, one accidental tug on the tail could lead to a nip. If unvaccinated, that bite puts your child at risk. It could also lead to the city taking your dog to a local shelter until it’s deemed safe.


There’s far less risk of an animal becoming ill if it’s vaccinated. Although you’ll pay an upfront fee to bring your pet up to speed on vaccinations, it’s nothing compared to what you would spend having your animal treated.

Without the proper vaccinations and based on the type of illness, people spend a few hundred to several thousands of dollars for treatment. The right vaccinations save owners a significant amount of money, not to mention they don’t fear losing a beloved animal.


Some people live in states that mandate pet vaccinations. Failing to comply could result in a hefty fine or even the relinquishing of the animal for a period to ensure they’re not infected with a disease like Parvo or Rabies.

The Primary Objective

The main reason for having your pet vaccinated is to keep it healthy. As an owner, you want your pet around as long as possible. The best way to accomplish that is by getting it vaccinated.

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